Welcome to the Family! Didier is the French Chef slaving away in the kitchen to ensure your palate and tastebuds are kept entertained like only the French know how, supported by Louis who even socialises with us too - as if he can't get enough at work!. Jo is the sociable friendly side of the English Front of House team; and is supported by Elize, Marine and Trace.

If you are really lucky, occasionally you will actually get to meet Chloe Franchet (aged 13) and Rochelle Franchet (aged 11). They are sometimes on hand to open the doors for you to say good evening or goodnight (only on summer holidays and half terms, or pre-theatre times though to be realistic). It really is a unique family-run restaurant.

Whilst the food is the essence of your dining experience here at Chloe's we like to think that every age and every pocket is welcome. We work especially hard at explaining anything on the menu you are uncertain of and the staff are always on hand to run through the menu items for you - the kitchen are only a few steps away if they need to check on certain ingredients for you, should you have any allergy or dietary concerns.

BRING YOUR OWN POLICY: Birthday Celebrations at Chloes - Please be aware that as a small family run restaurant we are unable to accommodate a "Bring Your Own" philosophy. We appreciate that perhaps other venues allow this, but we do not for both financial and practical reasons.
Should you wish to bring your own birthday cake into the restaurant this is permitted and will be brought out to the table at the end of the meal. If you wish to have your cake served to you, provided more than 50% of the table have purchased a dessert, this will be permitted free of charge. If you wish to eat your own cake having NOT purchased the required amount of our desserts you will be charged £2.50 per person for use of our staff, crockery, cutlery and venue. (Lets call it "cakage" instead of Corkage").

We do not permit anyone to consume their own drinks or bring their own wine/champagne or drinks to the restaurant - we are a licensed venue.

Only Food & Drink Sold on our Premises may be consumed on our premises. We do hope you understand the above policy but if you have any major concerns please contact the Manager who will explain clearly why the policy is in place.

Our Menu Chic is designed for every person of every age and every pocket, you get to choose your own side garnish to accompany your dish if you need to and this is included in the prices illustrated to you - there is no "add-on" "surcharge" "supplement" or anything else. The price shown on the menu is the price you pay. So to put it in a nutshell our menu has everything from Hearty Vegetable Soup at £5.50 through to Rib Eye Steak at £24.50. We hope there is something to suit everyone Value, Quality and Service all wrapped into one cosy little parcel here at Chloe's.

All dishes are prepared from the finest fresh locally sourced ingredients by Didier and his highly skilled team. Keeping ingredients local means more small independent businesses survive in the local area, making Plymouth a more enterprising city all round.

We have a wonderful Waldstein Piano playing from 7.30pm Tuesday-Saturday, subject to reservations, so if you haven't been in to see us before then give us a try, book on-line or phone now and come and meet the family.

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